Blackpowder Wildflower Inc. is a twofold project comprised of Blackpowder Media, Wildflower Ministries and where they intersect. Conceived in 2017 and inspired by founder Katie Payne's two greatest personal passions, we have created this platform with the goal of helping others build connections and forge pathways to a relationship with The Lord and the awe inspiring outdoor world He created. 

Currently BPW is working to build content and community that inspires and opens doors for others from all over into the outdoor world. Other facets of our industry including outreach, media and nonprofit comprehensive learning opportunities are still in development, as well as other long term goals we are excited to share in the near future.

Content is all-inclusive, covering all manners of hunting, fishing, competitive shooting, water sports, snowmobiling and countless other outdoor recreational activities for both beginner and experienced participants. We also share personal stories and think pieces on outdoor experience, community and industry, as well as in-depth guides for you to try things for yourself. The goal of this page in its infancy is simply to help aid you in your adventures while providing a Christ-centered community and positive role models for the next generation of sportsmen.


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